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Pedro Sandoval’s venus at the thyssen bornemisza museum

During the auction last November of a series of reinterpretations of the Venus de Milo, some works by Pedro Sandoval could be exhibited in the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum.
There are “The Venus of Love”, “The Venus of Fertility” and “The Venus of Music”, a series of unique and original sculptures

Pedro Sandoval participates as an artist in “Las Meninas Madrid Gallery”

Pedro Sandoval takes part in Las Meninas Madrid Gallery, an unprecedented exhibition where the famous Meninas de Velázquez are reinterpreted with the inspiration that Madrid evokes in different artists. This exhibition is made up of a wide variety of artists ranging from musicians to bullfighters, including plastic artists, actors and fashion designers. All these Meninas form the largest outdoor exhibition in the world.

Bohemian Artist Gallery takes part in the Florence Biennale

Following the trend of virtualization, Bohemian Artist Gallery bets for virtual art galleries. To do so this gallery has renowned artists such as Pedro Sandoval, Carlos Evangelista, Linda de Sousa, Diego Canogar, Manuel Marín and Jesús Alberto Guerrero. In this way, Bohemian Artist Gallery is positioned as a reference when it comes to opening borders in this sector reaching an unlimited market and making art more accessible.

Bohemian Artist Gallery takes part in the Florence Biennale

This year, Pedro Sandoval and Carlos Evangelista, after overcoming the demanding selection committee of the Florence Biennale that only the best manage to overcome, will attend this important event by the hand of Bohemian Artist Gallery.

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