ARTISTLinda de Sousa

Portuguese, born in 1949

Linda de Sousa is a multidisciplinary artist, lecturer, art critic, curator of exhibitions, professor of plastic arts and designer of exhibitions and catalogs. She began her artistic activity in the 80s, first with painting and little by little she was expressing herself with different materials, as well as in sculpture, performance and installation, such as her “Transparent” series for The White Night at the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum from Madrid. She has more than 100 national and international exhibitions around the world receiving several awards and medals such as the First Prize in Installation at the University of Chapingo (Mexico); Excellence Award of the Enlightened Tertulia of Madrid (Spain); First Prize in Plastic Arts in Béziers (France); Great Gold Medal in Digital Art of the XXVII Hall of Visual Arts of Arceburg and Minas Gerais (Brazil), among others. She acts as a jury in different national and international competitions and is currently a member of the Madrid, Spanish and International Associations of Art Critics (AMCA, AECA and AICA), as well as exhibition coordinator of the Group for Art and Culture and director of Connecting Art Cultures.


Biciclistas, 2001
Wire, bandages and acrylic on board
122 × 150 cm
Alambre y acrílico sobre tabla
86 x 122 cm
Banco de Datos
Alambre y acrílico sobre tabla
105 x 165 cm
La Multiplicación de los Peces
Papel y acrílico sobre tabla
81 x 154 cm
Estoy en la Red 
Alambre y acrílico sobre tabla 
100 x 100 cm
La Tienta 
Alambre y acrílico sobre tabla 
40 x 100 cm
Tres Desgracias (La Mujer en el Siglo XXI)
Cartón, hílo y acrílico sobre tabla
195 x 122 cm
Primera Influencia
Llaves, encaje,cartón y acrílico
sobre tabla
122 x 70 cm
Menina Anoréxica
Alambre y cartón sobre tabla
164 x 110 cm
Maja Anorexica
Papel, tela y acrílico sobre tabla
100cm x 205cm